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 11 reviews

Very professional and friendly office. Dr. Brett takes lots of time to
show and explain your issues with X-rays, charts, and skeletal
recreations. They are always ready for you at the time of your

by Jennifer L. on Desert West Chiropractic

Extremely friendly, caring staff that are there to help make a
difference in your life!

by Bridgett B. on Desert West Chiropractic

Extremely Knowledgeable, caring, wiling to take the time to know
you and what would best work for yourself from strengthen
techniques to a full treatment plan.

by Regina Church on Desert West Chiropractic
Location: Goodyear, AZ

I've been going to Desert West Chiropractic for a few months now and I have nothing but GOOD to say about what Dr. Pfeifle has done for me. When I went in I could hardly lift my arm, I had chronic headaches and so much more going on. Now I am able to use my arm, no more headaches and my spine is so much stronger. I know with continued sessions I will be able to live a pain free life. If you are considering trying a chiropractic remedy I HIGHLY recommend Desert West Chiropractic.......I'm sure you will be pleased with the outcome.

by Matt Caren on Desert West Chiropractic
Location: Litchfield Park, AZ

I had been having back issues on and off for about 10 years and being 33 years old I knew I had to do something to make sure that the problem(s) didn't continue as I continued to get older. I had been to other chiropractors and physical therapists in the past who were sometimes able to cure the issues temporarily, but the results never lasted and I didn't know what else I could do. I decided to try Desert West on a referral from my regular doctor after I had just about given up on the possibility of finding a solution to my problem and I've been so thankful I did. I always thought that chiropractors just put things back in place until they fell back out of place again at which time you just when back for another adjustment. No one had ever discussed how the spine and neck actually work and how by having a corrective plan (not just a treatment plan) I could actually reverse the damage that my spine had incurred over the years of having less than perfect posture and other unknown causes. I’m in the middle the plan that Dr Pfeifle put together for me based on his evaluations and X-Rays and for the first time in 10 years my back has felt great and I’m confident that I will be able to be free of chronic back issues in the future without needing to seek treatment for the rest of my life.

Location: Goodyear, AZ

After being invited to one of Dr. Brett Pfeifle's spinal health and correction workshops I decided to start a treatment plan. I learned so many interesting things from this workshop. I started this treatment plan approximately two and a half months ago due to the fact that I was having constant pressure headaches and mid back pain that was starting to affect all aspects of my life. Little did I know it would help me in so many other ways. My job requires me to travel a lot by plane and automobile and this was becoming very uncomfortable. After this short period of time and precise treatment I can say a few things: My headaches that I had all the time are now only occasional and last a very short period of time. I think I have had only 2 after about 2 weeks into treatment. The mid back pain that I had is becoming very limited and almost gone, and I am feeling much better. The aches in my legs and back now have subsided as well as my posture has improved. One amazing thing that I didn't realize, until into my treatment, was the effect the spine has on so many different parts of the body to include the stomach. I used to suffer from extreme stomach issues to the point that when I would eat certain things I would get extreme pains and reflux. I was on medication to assist with this issue. I am happy to say that since I started treatment I no longer am on medication and have not once had this issue and am now able to eat foods that before I could not. This has been an amazing experience and for myself, a life saver. I no longer take a medication that was actually doing more damage than good, I travel without pain, I sleep better, have more energy, and now no more constant pressure or headaches. Thank you Desert West Chiropractic and thank you Dr. Brett Pfeifle. I truly never realized the importance of the spine and affects it has on the rest of our body. This is a different kind of Chiropractic and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to look at this service. You will only be doing your body a favor when you do. High integrity, character and true care about the other person, being you and I.

Location: Chandler, AZ

Great doctor and a really great experience all around. Staff is extremely friendly and really made me feel like I was one of the family. Would highly recommend!

Location: Buckeye, AZ

Go see Dr. Pfeifle! He has really helped my neck.

Location: Goodyear, AZ

The summer of 2014 I suffered from severe and constant headaches, with extreme sharp pain without warning or any consistent predecessors. After having exhausted my family physician, a neurologist, and lab technicians for MRIs, EMI's, MRI's with contrast, and the proposal to begin a series of numbing shots to my skull, I still had no answers. I also still had debilitating headaches. In desperation, I sought the help of a local chiropractor to at least adjust my back to help relieve any unnecessary muscle tension.Brett Pfeifle, DC, of Desert West Chiropractic, completed an initial exam, including reflexes, range of motion, and x-rays. The results of which showed the potential root cause of my headaches to be connected to my neck, and the spinal misalignment I suffer after years of poor posture, computer work, hockey injuries, and car accidents. After only 1.5 weeks of physical therapy, adjustments, and traction, my constant and extreme headaches were reduced to only occasional pain. By week three, they were gone. I continued the program to correct the curvature in my neck, and have seen a significant 17deg correction, thus far.I highly recommend Desert West Chiropractic to work with any age range and circumstance, as they have demonstrated themselves to be honest, caring, and knowledgeable. If there were no other benefit to the treatment than the cure of my headaches, I would still be a proponent for Desert West Chiropractic, but I have been lucky enough to receive a program in which I may continue to correct a lifetime of negative impacts to my spine.

Location: Goodyear, AZ

Years ago I had damaged my lower back at the gym. For years ( 10+ ) I lived with the pain day after day, year after year thinking to myself " I am tough and I can live with it ". Knowing that the pain was depleting my energy thus my daily productivity hampered I decided enough was enough I need help.I found one of the more popular Chiropractors that I heard about on the radio and started treatment. Week after week I went faithfully and I discovered the pain subsided for the day but would return the next day and stay with me until I went for another adjustment. This continued for weeks.I told my wife that I have excepted the fact the pain in my lower back will always be there and that I have to just live with it. My wife, who is a Registered Nurse, asked me what investigation the Chiropractor had done prior to treatment, x-rays, etc. My reply was nothing at all, he just continued to crack my back for which she said sternly, find someone who can fix the problem rather than temporarily adjust it.I met Dr. Brett at Desert West Chiropractic and he took me in, took x-rays, asked questions about my history and present daily functions, then came up with a plan to fix my lower back permanently.I followed Dr. Brett's instructions, went to treatment faithfully, and in 9 weeks my lower back pain is gone and has not returned. I continue with the treatment, preventative measures, and I can say with complete honesty that finally after all these years of living with the pain I no longer have a loss of energy nor am I restricted in certain activities, pain free.I strongly recommend Dr. Brett for anyone with similar conditions for he has taken the time to learn of my injury and devised a plan for my recovery.

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