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Dr. Brett Pfeifle Chiropractor in GoodyearDr. Pfeifle was born and raised in a small farming town in North Dakota. From very early on, he knew God had a path for him and that was to become a chiropractor.  At the start of his sophomore year of high school, he and his family moved to Mesa, Arizona. He attended Red Mountain High School and elected to take as many anatomy and biology classes as possible. Shortly after he graduated high school he became an Arizona State Sun Devil, where he continued to pursue his passion for science and biomechanics of the human body. Dr. Pfeifle received a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from ASU in 2010. Still on track towards his life long dream of becoming a chiropractor, he moved to Dallas, Texas to begin the chiropractic program at Parker University. The deeper he got into the program, the more he saw first hand how truly amazing chiropractic is and how it can change the quality of a person’s life.  While attending Parker, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Anatomy as well as a Doctorate of Chiropractic and graduated from Parker in December 2013. His passion now is using chiropractic to remove spinal misalignment and restore structure and function to the spine allowing bodies to heal naturally.

Dr. Brett Pfeifle Chiropractor in Goodyear AZ
Dr. Brett Pfeifle Chiropractor in Goodyear

After the long journey to Texas, Dr. Pfeifle returned back home to the desert and married his best friend and sole mate, Rendee. Dr. Brett, Rendee and their son, Trig, are very busy keeping up with football, basketball, swimming, hunting, and all the other activities that come their way.


Brooke, our office manager, was born and raised in a small town in Illinois. She joined the Air Force shortly after high school and then moved to Arizona in 2007. She enjoys the outdoors, just not in the summer time. She enjoys working at Desert West Chiropractic where she handles all of our office needs. She was introduced to the Desert West Chiropractic family by her friend, who had been a patient.

After receiving exceptional care at Desert West for many months, she eventually became part of the team. "It's like this was my home away from home since the moment I began working here. Dr. Pfeifle and Elsa are like family now and I love coming to work and meeting such amazing patients.” Outside of work, she loves spending time with her 2 children.

If you ever have any questions she is the gal to ask! Don't hesitate to call.



Elsa, our Chiropractic Assistant, is a lifetime west valley resident. She has been married for 27 years and is a mother of two. She enjoys pitching horseshoes, listening to music, and attending church on Sundays.

She has 15 years of chiropractic assistant experience. Working along side Dr. Pfeifle has been very rewarding. Learning new techniques in the correction of my own spine has helped me to understand and make a difference in changing the lives of our patients so that they may enjoy life to the fullest.


Bernadette, Our Events Coordinator, was born and raised in Orange County, California. She has been married for almost 10 and is the mother of 1.

They moved to Arizona in late October 2016. Here is where they decided to plant roots and buy their first home in Goodyear, Arizona.

She enjoys making memories with her family and creating long lasting relationships with the people around her.

She has worked in the Public Relations field for over 15 years.

“I can not imagine doing anything else in my career… Dr. Brett has given me the opportunity to expand my talents with his practice and take them to new heights.”

If your looking to educate yourself or your business with chiropractic care please contact her at 623-935-2929.